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Business/Office Desktops

Time is money, we don't want our customers wasting time waiting for long PC boot-up times, slow applications, and laggy software. We want it done right from the start so that you don't have and issues. 

Trust and Integrity 

We always go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy. If there is anything we can do, please let us know, we are always glad to help. 

3-Year Full Warranty Included

From the moment you purchase the PCs from us, you can rest assured knowing that if your PC ever has any issues, your warranty will cover it. Unfortunately, physical damage does not count but any repairs will be done free of charge. 

Lighting fast PCs

Canada's best business desktop computers. We build dependable and productive systems for your business needs. We have the perfect solution for any corporate or small business. Our PCs are powerful and ready to use. 

Variety & Customizations 

Our large selection of desktop computers are ideal for any business and professionals. We have built custom PCs for several companies in many different industries. Each industry requires a different PC setup. You can rest assured that your PC is in good hands, and let us do all the work for you. 

Business Desktops

We love working with other businesses. If there is anything here that we have missed, please let us know. What matters most to us is time, efficiency, cost, and peace of mind for our customers. We always want to go above and beyond and build the best office pcs in Canada. Business desktop PCs offer an affordable and more powerful alternative to laptops. Every GamerTech office desktop comes preloaded with either Windows 10 or Windows 11 based on your selection. 

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Us or Lenovo ThinkStations, ThinkCentre, and Dell office PCs?

Last year, we had multiple businesses reach out to us for PC upgrades and repairs. They brought in their 1-2-Year-old PCs for us to have a look at. Upon inspection, we noticed some of them had overheating issues, corrupt files, bluescreens, etc. Some of the issues we were able to fix but others that required hardware swaps were almost impossible to fix. A lot of these manufacturers make it impossible to upgrade your systems in an attempt to get you to buy a new one every few years. Not to mention, it would void your warranty if you service it yourself.

We make it easy for you to upgrade your system with our 3-year included warranty. We cover all labour costs for any upgrades and repairs. You can either purchase the part from us, or elsewhere, and let us install it for you. If this is inconvenient, upgrading the PC yourself will not void any warranties. 


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Toronto Raptors

Check out the PC we did with the Raptors  here:

Grid Studio

Check out the PC we did with Grid Studio here

Makow Architects

We built Makow the best computers for business and office rendering work. Check out their website to see the beautiful work they do.

Norm Li

Check out the PCs we built for Norm Li. They are Toronto’s best business desktop computers. Check out their website to see the best Visual content for Real Estate Development.


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