Intel vs. AMD: Who makes better processors?

Intel vs. AMD: Who makes better processors?

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In the never-ending arms race of CPU design and production, two companies have stood above all rest, both well known for their pricing, performance, and power consumption. However, when comparing these two companies more closely, does one surpass the other? When you look at the finer details, you quickly realize one choice is not universally better than the other, but both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Intel, a technology company founded in 1968, specializes in the production of high-end CPUs, PCs, and laptops. Intel’s CPUs have been considered the best gaming CPUs until 2017 when AMD released their Ryzen CPUs started to compete with Intel’s Cores. Even with these newer CPUs Intel has still held the title for best gaming CPUs, with their Cores being faster in some cases when compared to AMD’s Ryzen products.

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), a technology company founded in 1969, makes all-around great CPUs, PCs, and laptops. Some of AMD’s most well-known and newest line of processors are the Ryzen CPUs. While the Ryzen CPUs cannot compete with Intel’s alone, Ryzen products used with any graphics card can provide solid competition. Also, Ryzen CPUs use far less power to operate than Intel’s Cores, needing only around half of the power consumption. Plus, the Ryzen CPUs have far more advanced multitasking capabilities making them better when handling multiple programs.

Price plays a big part when buying or building your computer. Often, people may opt for the cheaper option without reading into what it can do. For example, the Ryzen CPUs come with coolers, a part you will  have to buy separately for Intel CPUs. Overall, AMD’s CPUs cost less, making them a favorable choice in the eyes of someone building a PC that will likely cost several thousand dollars.

In conclusion, It would be best to look at what you want to do with your computer. If you prioritize gaming capacity at the cost of decreased power efficiency and additional cost, then Intel’s CPUs would be a good choice. However, AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are giving Intel's CPUs a run for their money with lower power consumption, built-in coolers, and more advanced multithreaded applications. While Intel still takes the cake in gaming performance, AMD is the better choice when considering cost and power efficiency.

Written by Miles Beazer from the GamerTech Team

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