Intel’s 11th Gen processor: is it an upgrade worth buying?

Intel’s 11th Gen processor: is it an upgrade worth buying?

With the release of Intel’s newest 11th Gen processor on its way, many are preparing their PCs for this new and improved Intel processor named “Tiger Lake.” As with each family of Intel processors, this one is better than the last. Simply put, the Intel Processors Generations are a line of Intel processors made for enhanced speed and feature set in comparison to others.

When Intel came out with their 1st generation Processor “Nehalem,” its predecessor's Core architecture could not increase clock speed or had inefficient pipelining compared to this 1st generation's microarchitecture, a direct upgrade. Each Generation's processors improved on the previous ones, with only a few problems here and there. For example, when Intel released its 3rd Generation processor “Ivy Bridge” it was the fastest generation processor they had made at the time. However, these new models were prone to emitting more heat than the 2nd generation processor “Sandy Bridge.”

Skipping over a few generations, you have Intel’s 10th and 11th Generation processors. The 10th generation “Cannon Lake” processors were built on a 10nm micro-architecture, making it one of the smallest processors that Intel has ever made. It also sported more efficient power consumption and better performance. The “Ice Lake” processors are being manufactured as the 2nd version of these Intel's 10th Gen 10nm processors and functioning almost exactly like the “Cannon Lake” line.  Now we have seen that Intel is planning on releasing an 11th Generation processor named “Tiger Lake” that will also be built on a 10nm architecture that is said to be 30 percent more efficient in its performance, making it a worthwhile upgrade from “Cannon Lake"  and " Ice Lake” 10th generation.

There has been no confirmed date for the "Tiger Lake" release to the general public. For the time being, if you are in the market for processors, it may be worth your while to wait for Intel's release of the promising 11th generation line of products. 

Written By: Miles Beazer from the GamerTech Team

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