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Sit-right in the unique and prestigious Rhomb CF* Gaming Chair. It will impress with its looks and keep you comfortable during long hours of digital adventures

Let the unique look impress & the ergonomic support eliminate the discomfort.

✔ CarbonFibre* Leather - Our signature top-quality leather is designed for tougher durability and looks to impress. It's a sporty design with a subtle appeal.
✔ Premium Rhomb Stitching - The pattern of the diamonds and the detail of their stitching is impeccable and surely to impress.
✔ Backrest Mechanism - Allows a wide 90*-180* angle of recline. For hardcore gaming or focused working, we recommend reclining at a 90*-120* angle. If you'd like to lay back & binge watch videos, your favorite show, or a long movie, 130*-180* is the optimal spot for maximum comfort.
✔ Seat - 10 inches of thick high density foam, that will not flatten overtime.
✔ Removable Footrest - Here's a pleasant add on included with every chair, to make sure you can comfortably rest even when taking a nap.
✔ 3D Adjustable Armrests - Height, length, and direction can be adjusted.
✔ Lumbar Cushion and Head Pillow - These essentials will give your body maximum comfort with control of the desired posture position. The lumbar cushion is strapless, but it stays firmly on the chair once put in the desired place. Depending on your body's posture, the lumbar cushion might feel best lower or higher on the back rest.

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